Life of a women

Being lndian,we female is very much known frm her tender age of 10 she one day had to get married to sumone who is purely very stranger to her,being marriage mostly arranged…

In lndia.,females r mostly addressed as


It means,females belongs to someone else..

And sumtimes lndian parents take this saying to seriously,that once daughters got marid,they r least bothered abt,happening her life.

This is first half..

Then comes the another….


Its abt the mentality of the people,that within month or some.. the daughter inlaw wod b part of the family fr rest of life.

And some,even aftr 15long yrs,are still considered an outsider..

For parents…we r paraya dhan

For inlaws…we r outsiders..

Then ..wat should b we consider ourself..

Single mother..

Word it self show,there is baby…

Now adays we hear abt women being independently living,sum times even single mother..

I understand its her decision,but its not fault of the kid who hd been living troubled life..

Every thing get unbalanced in the life of women,once the kid hv health issues.,she hd to stay back wid her kid.,leaving job.and every lttle things scheduled .,

I wish,there shud b sum law whr,a men can b summoned legalily fr sum specific time..,coz being biologically father,he shud n given sum of the responsibility…

Even afte brek up or parting away,both the parents shud take care of the one,they brought into this material world

We dream,sumtimes we chase our dreams to fulfill it..The people who dont have dreams ,l felt are the most disheartened persons..coz at sum point of life they would agree wat they did through out their life was totally wrong..whats done,cannot b reversed..still of some of us had that guts to daydream and try to fulfil it..


Wat is love,sumtimes even aftr getting marid..  we cant love them..Why???

Love is very  transparent and yet invisible..

Love hd changed its definition in course  of time..

Happy New year.

New year is merely a change of calendar..Rest all the world is same frm dawn till dusk and so on..

Why cant we celebrate each of our lives as . we find us on new yr Eve.

Writing anything on paper is very easy  task,l know..

Find happinesss around

Today life has been so bzy,we hardly get time for ourselves.

We live and earn fr our family.

In that race of earning high income we tend to ignore ourself and also the persons for whom we r struggling so much.

Dont b slave to money,infact master it well..,coz u not gona take a single penny with u it too.

But then,take time to enjy ur life   to fullest.

Becoz nothing is permanent in his unstable life.

Thats i say

Live life before its lost.

Life and Death

Every body u hd taken birth  here  is to suffer .we dont need heaven or hell outside this planet..

Everybody knw the birth date much bfore they are born,but death date is still a puzzle to b solved..

Try living ur life happily,coz it is lost  it is gone frever..

There are lot of. Pain in everyone’z life.,dont fight with it aggressively,infact accept it the way it is.

Its best way to figbt back and surely u wod come out with success..